Setting the Mood

Do your employees seem tired? Not as enthusiastic as they used to be? Are they listless in meetings and not contributing? It could be that you are not setting the mood for creativity. And it all starts with your attitude.

Believe it or not your employees (and co-workers) can sense if you are down and bring that into work. All it takes if a few things to turn that ship around.

First and most importantly, you need to be happy with what you are doing and if you are not, well that’s a whole other post. But if you are for the most part, satisfied, show that every day. Little things can go a long way. Have a contest; place a bet on the next baseball game. Have a competition for who will win, place or show based on “The Voice” or “Dancing with the Stars.” Even those who are not fans will want to participate.

And buy prizes, small things that won’t break the bank, a Starbucks gift card or an inexpensive bottle of wine, even a Pez dispenser can create laughter and interaction.

Store up on jokes or antidotes that you can start meetings with and make them relatable to them. Get to know their interests, if they cheer for a specific team, do your homework, read the sports page once in awhile and have a quick conversation about their interests. Ask about their Mom, child or brother and BE INTERESTED.

Make them comfortable about entering your office for a conversation, even if its not a good conversation. And mentor, in mentoring age doesn’t matter, its can go both ways, we all have different talents and knowledge we bring to the table.

It doesn’t take much. Remember the people that work for you take their cues from you. Try every day to set a tone that makes them want to use their creativity and talents for you and the organization.

Kathie Niesen, CMP is a former Education Manager at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. She is the owner of kmn meetings and events. She is also a consultant with Coe Truman International.

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